Lieberman to Depart to U.S. for First Trip Abroad as Defense Minister

Trip is considered first and foremost to be an introduction between Lieberman, U.S. officials, but U.S. aide deal will also be discussed.

Lieberman during a faction meeting in the Knesset, June 6, 2016.
Emil Salman

Avigdor Lieberman will take off from Israel on a flight to the U.S. Saturday night in his first work trip as Defense Minister, a position appointed to him at the end of May.

Lieberman is expected to meet with his American counterpart, U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, in what is being considered an introductory meeting, though the officials will also discuss the American military aid package currently suffering from political setbacks.


Lieberman would like to see the agreement signed as soon as possible and is also planning meetings with relevant Senate committees. 

On Wednesday, Lieberman will visit Lockheed Martin factories to review the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jet, known in Israel as "Adir" (awesome, mighty or great in Hebrew).

Israel Air Force representatives will also be present along with some from the squadron whose job will be to handle the advanced aircraft when Israel receives the first delivery in approximately six months' time.

Lieberman is also expected to visit a local factory belonging to Israeli defense firm Elbit in Dallas, Texas.