Less Milk, More Water, Same Price for Relished Israeli Chocolate Drink Shoko

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The Shoko package.
The Shoko package.Credit: Tnuva

The good news for Israeli consumers is that the recommended price of Tnuva’s chocolate drink is staying the same in its new recipe at 8.53 shekels ($2.42) a liter. The bad news is that there’s a lot less milk in it.

A examination by TheMarker found that milk comprises 81.5% of Shoko Tnuva in all its versions, down from the widely publicized 96% it used to contain. The words “new version” appear in small print at the bottom of the container.

Based on data from the market research firm Storenext, the dairy company sells eight million liters of chocolate drinks every year and it pays 2 shekels a liter for raw milk, so reducing the milk content cut its costs by 2.3 million shekels annually.

In response, the company said the change was part of its long-term strategy of reducing the sugar content in Shoko Tnuva and other products and adding water.

“All told, about 20% of the sugar in the product was reduced in comparison to the previous formulation, while the remaining nutritional value of the product, including calcium, remain similar. To date, Tnuva has reduced more than 50% of the sugar added in Shoko,” it said.

While the product’s sugar content was cut to seven grams per 100 milliliters from 8.8, less milk also reduced the amount of protein, which fell from 3.5 to 2.8 grams per 100 milliliters.

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