Jordan's King Welcomes Netanyahu's Status Quo Pledge 'As Long as It's Implemented'

King Abdullah II says he believes understandings reached between Jordan, Israel and the Palestinians may help end the violence and calm tensions.

Jordan's King Abdullah II welcomed on Sunday Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's commitment to maintain the status quo on the Temple Mount "as long as it is implemented on the ground." The king, who spoke at the start of his meeting with the Czech prime minister in Amman, added that he believes the understandings reached between the sides may help end the violence and calm tensions.
"I hope these understandings will help renew the efforts needed to tackle the core issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through negotiations," the king said. "This is something that [we] must pursue as quickly as possible."
A few hours earlier, Netanyahu also said he hopes the understandings between the sides will help restore calm, "at least over the Temple Mount." Netanyahu added that he stressed in his conversations with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that there will be no change in the status quo.
"The Temple Mount will be managed as it has been managed until now," Netanyahu said. "The visitation arrangements of Jews on the Temple Mount are maintained, there will be no change [in that regard], and the same goes for the Muslims' prayer arrangements."
Netanyahu also spoke about his agreement to the Jordanian offer to place cameras on the Temple Mount which would broadcast a live feed of the compound. "Israel has an interest in placing cameras at all parts of the Temple Mount," he said. "First, to refute the claim that Israel is changing the status quo; second, to show where the provocations really come from, and to thwart them in advance."