Jewish Settlers Who Attacked Israeli Police Released After 24 Hours

Three detained for attacking officers during Tuesday's outpost evacuation; right-wing activists threw stones and other objects at the police officers, injuring six

Israeli settlers scuffle with Israeli security forces at Netiv Haavot settlement, near Bethlehem, June 12, 2018.
Menahem Kahana/AFP

All those arrested on suspicion of assaulting policemen Tuesday during the evacuation of Netiv Ha’avot in Gush Etzion were released from detention Wednesday.

According to their lawyers from the Honenu organization, all three were released by agreement after being brought to the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court. Honenu said two other detainees had been released earlier with the consent of the police. The police are no longer holding anyone involved in Tuesday’s disturbances.

According to the police, six policemen were hurt Tuesday during the evacuation of the last home in the Nativ Ha’avot compound, in which dozens of youths had barricaded themselves and threw objects at policemen. The six were hospitalized, with one suffering a moderate wound from a stone that was thrown at his head. None of the suspects were questioned on any specific action and it is not known whether the police are attributing the policeman’s head injury to a specific person.

Demolition of the 15 illegal homes at Netiv Ha’avot, some of which were built on privately-owned Palestinian land, began in the outpost on Wednesday, and is expected to be completed Thursday. Thirteen of the homes were voluntarily evacuated; young people barricaded themselves in two of them but resisted violently in only one of them. Police began the evacuation of the outpost, adjacent to the settlement of Elazar, on Tuesday morning and finished only late at night.