Israelis Enjoy Nature During Passover Weekend

Tens of thousands took advantage of the holiday to travel.

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Visiting the Sea of Galilee for Passover.
Visiting the Sea of Galilee for Passover.Credit: Gil Eliahu

Some 150,000 visitors spent Passover weekend in forests, national parks and nature reserves across Israel.

The Jewish National Fund said some 80,000 visitors flocked to its parks and forests. In northern Israel, popular attractions were Biriya Forest, Park Hama’ayanot, Beit Keshet Forest, Ramat Menashe Park and Nahal Hashofet.

In central Israel, Ben Shemen Forest and Ayalon Canada Park were among the favored sites. The most visited sites in the Jerusalem area were Hakdoshim Forest, the Sataf, and the American Independence Park. In southern Israel, which was less frequented, Hamalachim-Shahariya Forest, Yatir Forest and Lahav Forest drew the most visitors.

Around 70,000 visitors ventured to the Israel Nature and Parks Authority's nature reserves and national parks. The most popular sites were the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, Ashkelon National Park, Yarkon National Park, Caesarea National Park, Banias Nature Reserve and Gan Hashlosha National Park, also known by its Arabic name, Sahne.

Temperatures are expected to rise to above average today. It will be hot and dry on Monday, and Tuesday will see a further rise in temperature. The heat wave will break on Wednesday.

A 5-year-old boy was lightly injured in a hit-and-run accident in Moshav Nehora over the holiday weekend. Police are looking for the offenders, two young women on a scooter.

In Kibbutz Gilad a 35-year-old man was seriously injured yesterday when he fell off a horse. He was rushed to Rambam Medical Center in Haifa with a head injury. The day before, a 5-year-old boy was also seriously injured in a riding accident in Kafr Kana in the Lower Galilee.

Scuba divers in Eilat rescued a moray eel, which couldn’t move after apparently biting into fishing line that was stuck on the coral reef. After removing the hook from the moray’s powerful jaw, it was taken for treatment at the underwater observatory, where it will remain for a few days until it recuperates.

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