Military Drone Fell in Lebanon During Routine Operations, Israeli Army Says

Incident comes a month after tensions between Israel and Lebanon spiked during round of fire, with Hezbollah claiming it had downed an Israeli drone

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File photo: An IDF drone observes the Gaza border during protests, November 21, 2018.
File photo: An IDF drone observes the Gaza border during protests, November 21, 2018. Credit: \ Eliyahu Hershkovitz

An Israeli army drone fell near the border between Israel and Lebanon within Lebanese territory, the Israeli military stated on Wednesday. 

The Israel Defense Forces said that the drone crashed during routine operations. 

Earlier Wednesday, Lebanese media outlets had reported that an Israeli UAV crashed in southern Lebanon, but did not indicate whether the aircraft had fallen or was shot down. 

In September, tensions between Israel and Lebanon reached a peak when Hezbollah cells fired anti-tank rockets at an Israeli army base and military vehicle, causing damage but no casualties. The IDF returned fire at the cells and at Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon, leading to an exchange of fire that lasted several hours.   

Although the situation did not escalate, Hezbollah announced about a week later that it downed an Israeli drone in southern Lebanon. The Israeli military said that the drone fell "during routine operations," but did not specify why it crashed.  

In late August, two Israeli drones laden with explosives crashed into a Hezbollah media center in the suburbs of Beirut. The strike hit a central component of Hezbollah's Iran-backed missile program, an industrial-sized mixer that could have enabled the group to mass produce precision-guided, long-range missiles.