Israeli Teenager Killed During Brawl Between Jewish and Arab Youth in North

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A 17-year-old boy was killed early Saturday morning during a brawl between Jewish and Arab youth from adjacent communities in the north of Israel. 

Itai Yitzhak, from the Gan Ner community south of Afula, was fatally wounded during the confrontation with boys from the nearby Arab town of Muqeible in the Gilboa area, and his friends evacuated him to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 

Itai YitzhakCredit: Courtesy of the family

Israel Police arrested one adult and six teenagers aged 16 and 17 from both Gan Ner and Muqeible, and then imposed a gag order on the rest of the details of the investigation.

Yitzhak was a 12th grade student in the Nir Haemek youth village in Afula. He had a twin sister and a brother about to enlist in the Israeli military. His family locked themselves in their home after the murder and requested not to speak to the media.

Both Gan Ner and Muqeible belong to the Gilboa Regional Council, where Jews and Arabs have lived in cooperation for years. Mayor Oved Nur said following the incident: "We are all shocked by the horrific development of a youth brawl that led to injury and killing. When it comes to children, all the children of Gilboa are the children of us all, and there is no distinction between the localities. Therefore, the entire Gilboa community is mobilized to support the family and all of Gilboa.”

He added, "This is an event that can happen anywhere, and if it happens at Gilboa it should alarm the whole of Israeli society. The coexistence in Gilboa is known to all and is part of the standard of this council,” added Nur. 

Roni Hayun, chairman of the Gan Ner local committee, said: "It is clear to us that the incident will not end in one week. We will all deal with it as much as necessary and support the family as much as necessary."

Badie Hamed, chairman of the local committee of Muqeible, added: "The children of Gan Ner and the children of Muqeible are the children of us all! We embrace the family and send them our condolences."

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