Israeli Students Caught Dancing Naked at Nazi Death Camp in Poland

Workers caught the students on security cameras and called local authorities. The two were flown back to Israel

FILE PHOTO: A Jewish girl, covered with the Israeli flag, walks across the railway track of Auschwitz, Poland, 16 April 2007.

Two Israeli students were caught on film dancing naked at the memorial site at the Majdanek concentration camp while on a trip to Poland over the weekend. They were expelled from the trip and flown back home.

Workers caught the students on security cameras at the site and called the local authorities. Haaretz obtained the information from a Polish source that was confirmed by an Israeli source involved in the incident.

The Education Ministry said it "views with great severity any behavior that could harm the status and values represented by the trips to Poland. In the case in question, due to the students' improper and inappropriate behavior, disciplinary actions have been taken against them to the fullest."

The Emek Hamayanot Regional Council, where the students attend a high school, called the incident "a severe disciplinary violation." It added that "both students returned to Israel on Sunday, with an educator. There will be an investigation of the case to prevent other such cases."

The incident is one of the most serious cases seen in a series of unusual events involving Israeli students on organized trips to Poland in recent years. A year ago, students vandalized walls at Auschwitz death camp, and other students brought drugs to Warsaw. Two years ago, students on a school trip hung an Israeli flag with the writing "Death to leftists" at the site of a Nazi killing hole at the memorial site in the Lopuchowo forest.