Israeli Settler Charged With Throwing Stones at Palestinian Village, Recklessly Firing Gun

Indictment says Assaf Sadeh shot weapon in the air in residential area ■ Suspect's lawyer claims stones were thrown by Palestinians at settlers first

Hagar Shezaf
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A mosque in the Palestinian village of Burin.
A mosque in the Palestinian village of Burin. Credit: Michal Fattal
Hagar Shezaf

A Jewish settler who lives in the West Bank was indicted on Thursday on several counts after he allegedly fired a gun in the air and threw stones toward the Palestinian village of Burin.

Assaf Sadeh, from the settlement of Beit Arye, was indicted for making threats, firing a weapon in a residential area, reckless handling of a weapon and disorderly conduct.  

According to the indictment, on February 23, 2018, Sadeh and a number of other settlers – some of them masked – arrived at a hill near Burin. They allegedly threw stones at the village, specifically targeting a nearby house. Sadeh pulled out a gun, waved it, and fired it into the air several times next to houses in the village. He then continued walking with the gun before joining the masked group and throwing stones with them.

Moshe Polsky, a lawyer defending Sadeh on behalf of the Honenu organization (a right-wing group which provides support to Jews convicted of or on trial for violence against Palestinians), told Haaretz that the incident occurred during disturbances in the area and that the settlers' actions were retaliation against stones being thrown at them. Polsky also said that the indictment was based on a selective documentation of the incident.

According to figures from the Yesh Din organization, 464 incidents of violence by Israeli citizens against Palestinians in the West Bank were documented between the beginning of 2005 and July of 2019. Thirteen percent of these cases led to indictments, the group said.