Israeli Security Services Arrest Three Jewish Terror Suspects

Three barred from meeting their attorney. 'These suspicions are not fresh and don't include harm to life,' their lawyer says.

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Archive photo.
Archive photo. Credit: Michal Fattal

Israeli security services arrested three persons suspected of involvement in Jewish terrorism on Tuesday. Details of the investigation were under a court-ruled gag-order. 

The three's arrest was extended by six days, and they were barred from meeting their attorney.

Honenu, a right-wing non-profit group that provides legal aid, has provided the three with an attorney, who protested the decision to bar his clients from seeing their lawyer. "These suspicions are not fresh and don't include harm to life," Attorney Aharon Rose said, adding that he intends to appeal the court to allow him to meet the suspects. 

Overnight on Monday, a soldier and an officer from an ultra-Orthodox infantry battalion have been arrested by Military Police. The cause of the arrest was not immediately known, but seems to be related to security offenses.

A statement issued by Honenu said that non-military forces were also present during the arrest of the officer and the soldier, both from the religious Netzach Yehuda battalion.

In February it was made public that an Israeli soldier was arrested and questioned by investigators under suspicion of passing confidential information to right-wing activists. The court did not release any details that could be used to identify the soldier, including which unit he serves in, but it was said that the information he allegedly passed along harmed the operational activities of security forces in the area where he serves.

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