Israeli Security Forces Extract Bus Full of Soldiers That Entered Palestinian Refugee Camp

One female officer and two soldiers were lightly injured after Palestinians hurled rocks at the bus, which entered the Qalandia Refugee Camp near Ramallah by mistake

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Israeli border police extracted a bus full of Israel Defense Forces soldiers that unintentionally entered the Qalandia Refugee Camp near Ramallah Sunday.

Palestinians pelted the bus with rocks. According to Palestinian media reports, dozens of Palestinian youth surrounded the bus and confronted the police officers. 

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The Israeli military said that an army vehicle errantly entered the camp and that a female officer and soldiers were lightly injured by rocks that were hurled at them. The army added that security forces shot into the air in order to disperse the clashes, and that the vehicle then managed to leave the camp.

Clashes in QalandiaCredit: Al Quds News / Twitter

In February, two Israeli soldiers accidentally entered the West Bank city of Jenin and were attacked by Palestinian residents, according to the Israeli military. Palestinians surrounded the vehicle and threw rocks at it until the soldiers were rescued by the Palestinian security services. A rifle belonging to one of the soldiers was stolen during the attack.

An initial probe into the incident showed that the soldiers were on their way from the West Bank settlement of Shavei Shomron to Afula when Waze, a navigational phone application they were using, misdirected them to Jenin. 

Also in February, a violent riot broke out in the West Bank village of Abu Dis on Friday after an Israeli man, 59, drove into the town by car. According to the Israeli army, some 200 Palestinians threw rocks at the man's car after he drove into the village by accident.