Five Israeli Soldiers Arrested for Allegedly Beating Detained Palestinians Out of Revenge

One of the detainees was so badly pummeled that he could not be interrogated and needed medical care ■ Two soldiers from battalion in question were killed in shooting attack one week earlier

Illustration: An IDF drill during which soldiers 'detain' Palestinians, 2008.
Tess Scheflan

The military police arrested an Israeli platoon commander and four combat soldiers Wednesday under suspicion of beating two Palestinian detainees whom they had caught.

One of the detainees was so badly pummeled that he could not be interrogated, and needed medical care.

The investigators interrogated them and will ask a military judge to extend their arrest.

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The military police is checking whether the soldiers were motivated by revenge following the shooting attack in Givat Assaf, where two soldiers from their battalion were killed. 

In November, military prosecutors charged a soldier from the Home Front Command’s rescue unit with assaulting a blindfolded, handcuffed Palestinian detainee.

In September, a Palestinian died after being beaten by the Israeli military, according to testimony, although the IDF denied the claim.