Israeli Killed After Car Explodes Near Tel Aviv Highway

Police suspect the incident to be of criminal nature

Forensics team at the blast scene at Or Yehuda interchange, October 13, 2019.
Zakka Tel Aviv

A man in his 30s was killed early Sunday morning when the car he was driving exploded outside Tel Aviv.

The blast occurred on Route 412 near the Or Yehuda interchange. Police say forces arrived at the scene and found the vehicle up in flames. Magen David Adom medics pronnounced the man dead at the scene.  

Police say they have launched an investigation into the matter and suspect it to be of criminal nature.

According to an initial assessment, the man, who is known to the police and has ties to Israel's organized crime, was killed by a car bomb. Route 412 will be closed to traffic from the Shafirim interchange to the Savyon Junction in both directions for some three hours until the forensics team finishes gathering evidence at the scene.    

In July, a 23-year-old man from Ashkelon died after a bomb blew up a car in southern Tel Aviv. The Magen David Adom ambulance service summoned to the site on Kibbutz Galuyot Street declared the man dead soon after arriving to the scene.