Israeli Cop Who Had Sex With Human Trafficking Victims Jailed for 10 Months

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A police raid on an apartment for women victims of human trafficking, 2018.
A police raid on an apartment for women victims of human trafficking, 2018.Credit: Israel Police spokesman's office

A former policeman was sentenced to ten months in prison on Tuesday for exploiting his position as a police officer to have sexual relations with victims of human trafficking from whom he had taken testimony as a police investigator.

The defendant, Nikita Kurilov, was convicted by the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court in a plea agreement in which he was found guilty of breach of trust and destruction of evidence. In addition to the jail term, he was ordered to pay a fine.

He had been dismissed from the police force when the investigation against him began.

Kurilov had been assigned to a police investigation of a human trafficking network in the Tel Aviv area that brought women from the former Soviet Union to Israel as prostitutes. As part of his work on the case, he had a number of visits to a shelter for women who had been recognized as victims of human trafficking, some of whom had worked as prostitutes.

In the plea agreement, he admitted to exploiting this connection to have what the prosecutor's office described as "consensual sexual ties." But one of his alleged victims testified in court that in the course of sexual intercourse with Kurilov, she had asked him to stop, but he ignored the request.

"We went there in total ignorance about what  was going to happen, … to relax and rest a little," she testified. "He saw that my whole body hurt and he didn't care about me."

The prosecution alleged that to cover up sexual relationships with the women in the shelter, Kurilov bought a second cellphone, in addition to the one provided by the police, and later deleted the exchanges of text messages on the phones that he had with the women. He also allegedly asked some of the women to delete the messages from their own phones and not to tell anyone about their contacts.

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