Israeli Author to Le Monde: 'We Live Under an Apartheid Regime'

In an interview with the French newspaper, Ronit Matalon wonders why the current wave of attacks 'did not happen sooner.'

Shlomo Papirblat
Shlomo Papirblat
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Ronit Matalon
Ronit MatalonCredit: Dan Porges
Shlomo Papirblat
Shlomo Papirblat

"We live under an apartheid regime," read the headline in Le Monde's interview with Israeli author Ronit Matalon. The article, which was published on Sunday, drew public attention, with more than 1,500 readers sharing it on Facebook.

The interview was held ahead of the publication of Matalon's book, "The One Facing Us," in French.

When asked about the current wave of attacks, she answered, "These knife attacks are just the beginning."

"As an intellectual, I ask myself questions," she continued. Calling the occupation a "terminally ill patient," Matalon wondered "how all of this did not happen sooner." She added, "I see that the fundamental characteristic of the Israeli society is denial. It is a prisoner of its own rhetoric on security and sacrifices."

Later in the interview, Matalon stated: "There is no other we to define it – we are living under an apartheid regime." She admitted that her biggest worry was her fear to express her opinions.

"What is happening in Israeli society is more frightening then knife attacks. I'm afraid of losing our democratic identity," she said.