Gaza Border Breached Again: Army Arrests Two Armed Palestinians Who Crossed Into Israel

This is the fifth incident on the Israel-Gaza border in as many days ■ Palestinians detained and taken in for questioning

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A man hangs a Palestinian flag at an electric pole near the border with Israel, in the southern Gaza Strip, March 28, 2018.
A man hangs a Palestinian flag at an electric pole near the border with Israel, in the southern Gaza Strip, March 28, 2018. Credit: IBRAHEEM ABU MUSTAFA/ REUTERS
Yaniv Kubovich

Two Palestinians were arrested early Thursday after crossing the border into Israel from Gaza illegally in the fifth incident along the border in as many days. The two were caught not long after entering and not far from where they crossed into Israel. They were found to have a knife and large cutters.

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On Wednesday, a resident of Gaza was arrested on the Zikim beach on the Israeli side of the border with the Gaza Strip. He was arrested near the border and taken in for questioning, but no weapons were found on his person.

This is the most recent in a series of events along the Gaza border as tensions escalate between Israel and Gaza.

Earlier on Wednesday, Israel shelled Hamas posts in Gaza after two Palestinians were arrested near the border for setting a fire. On Tuesday, three Palestinians were found and arrested over 12 miles into Israeli territory carrying grenades and knives. On Saturday, Israel struck Hamas targets after four Palestinians carrying bottles filled with flammable material approached the fence on foot and managed to cross the border into Israel near Kibbutz Kissufim.

The Israeli army also said it will impose a closure on the West Bank and Gaza crossings for the duration of the Passover holiday.

The IDF has been on high alert near the first infiltration from the Gaza border on Saturday. Also on Saturday, Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense system was activated accidentially in response to a Hamas drill that took place in the Gaza Strip.

Israel is gearing up for mass protests planned for this Friday along the border fence. The Palestinians are planning on establishing six to eight large tent camps, capable of housing thousands of people, mostly women and children, along the border – but some 700 meters from the fence.

Additionally, 34 Palestinians from the West Bank were arrested Wednesday by the Israeli army and Israeli police for crossing into Israel on reports they were planning to cross into Israel from the Gilboa area. 

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