'In Between,' About Three Palestinian Israelis Living in Tel Aviv, Dazzles San Sebastian Film Festival

The feature debut of Maysaloun Hamoud takes three prizes at film festival.

A scene from the award-winning "Bar Bahar - In Between," which will have its Israeli premier in Haifa in October 2016.

“Bar Bahar - In Between,” the feature debut of Maysaloun Hamoud, won three prizes at the San Sebastian Film Festival over the weekend.

The honors included the Eroski Youth Award, the TVE Another Look Award and the Sebastiane Award.

The movie, which premiered in Toronto, tells the tale of three young Palestinian Israelis living together in Tel Aviv, from the prying eyes of Arab society, which follows their every step, and in the heart of liberal Israeli society that always treats them as second-class citizens. The scene of the Palestinian underdog in downtown Tel Aviv serves as a new field for exploring the borders of freedom that they seek.

“After watching Maysaloun Hamoud’s sparkling, taboo-breaking first feature In Between, audiences will have to seriously update their ideas about the lifestyle of Palestinian women in Israel,” The Hollywood Reporter claimed in its review of the feature last week. “As the film documents, alongside the traditional male-dominated Arab family structure there exist independent females who are incredibly cool and part of an uninhibited underground scene that looks more like Beirut than Tel Aviv.”

Hamoud wrote the script and directed the film. Shlomi Elkabetz, who has directed hits such as "To Take a Wife," "Shiva," and "Gett: The Trial of vivian Amsalem," produced it. Mouna Hawa, Shaden Kanboura and Sana Jammalieh are the principal actresses. The film will have its Israeli debut at the 32nd Haifa International Film Festival during the Sukkot holiday.

Hamoud was born in Budapest but raised in Dir-Hana, from where her family originated. She studied at Tel Aviv’s Minshar School of Art.