Israeli Arab Charged With Trying ISIS-inspired Attack

Hassan Yousef, 26, is accused of unsuccessfully trying to coax others to join him in carrying out shooting, stabbing attack and car-bombing on behalf of Islamic State

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As ISIS shrinks in Syria and Iraq, it's looking to compensate by cultivating support among Palestinians, expanding from its base in Egypt's Sinai. Graffiti depicting the ISIS flag in Ma'an, Jordan. Oct. 28, 2014
Graffiti depicting the ISIS flag in Ma'an, Jordan. Oct. 28, 2014.Credit: AP Photo/Nasser Nasser

An indictment was filed on Sunday in Kfar Sava Magistrates Court against a 26-year-old Taibeh resident on charges of conspiracy to carry out a terrorist attack inspired by the Islamic State group. In the end, no attack was carried out.

Following a joint investigation by the Shin Bet security service and thpolice allege that in 2014 and 2015, Hassan Yousef felt an increasing ideological affinity with ISIS, that he was exposed to information from the group on the internet and that he had looked into joining its ranks inthe ranks of the Islamist group in Syria. He is alleged to have consulted ISIS training materials on the use of explosives and tried to convince someone to obtain an M-16 rifle for him.

According to the indictment, last summer Yousef tried to convince others to join him in committing terrorist assaults, including a shooting attack in Jerusalem, a car-bomb attack opposite the police station in his hometown of Taibeh, and a stabbing attack. Yousef was arrested this month, the Shin Bet said. All of the people he allegedly attempted to convince to join him in the terrorist attacks refused, the Shin Bet said, adding that his plans didnt come to fruition because he was afraid of carrying them out on his own