Israeli Arab Charged With Attempted Murder After Hit-and-run in Northern Israel

Malik Yusef Naher Asadi, 26, hit a Border Police officer near the Acre city market, then drove on and struck two soldiers near the city railway station in March. Prosecution confirms the incident was politically motivated

Malik Yusef Naher Asadi, 26, in Haifa District Court, March 29, 2018.
Rami Shllush

An Israeli Arab was charged Thursday by Haifa prosecutors with attempted murder three weeks after he hit two soldiers and a police officer with his vehicle, in two different incidents in the northern Israeli city of Acre. The victims sustained minor injuries. The prosecution confirmed that the incident was politically motivated.

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During police interrogation, Malik Yusef Naher Asadi, 26, said that the harm done to the soldiers was not intentional. 

In March, Asadi, a resident of Shfaram, hit a Border Police officer with his jeep near the city market, then drove on and struck two IDF soldiers near the city railway station.

He was shot by a soldier, according to police, and sustained moderate to serious injuries. According to police, "a third individual identified the ramming and opened fire at the jeep." 

Following the incident, the police said Asadi had acted from political motives, a conclusion supported by the Shin Bet security service investigation.

Asadi’s family claimed he had been provoked after getting a parking ticket.

Both Hamas and the Islamic Jihad praised the attack in Acre, with Hamas extolling it as a "manly and brave action" and stating that "the Israeli government carries the responsibility over its extreme and racist policy."