Israel to Indict Three Suspects in Case of Woman's Death at Outdoor Rave

It has yet to be determined if the three would be charged with manslaughter or negligent homicide

Almog Ben Zikri
Almog Ben Zikri
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Nature party in southern Israel, 2017
Nature party in southern Israel, 2017
Almog Ben Zikri
Almog Ben Zikri

The State Prosecutor's Office is set to indict three people involved in an incident in which a woman died during an outdoor rave in southern Israel last year.

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The three are suspected of purposely delaying her evacuation after she collapsed.

It has yet to be determined if they would be charged with manslaughter or negligent homicide.

Tohar DavidCredit:

The police inquiry into the incident posited that Tohar David had bruised her head and blacked out during tha party. She was evacuated only five hours later and died from her wounds several days after.

The three suspects – Leon Bagio, 32, Shlomo Pashral, 38, and Omri Hayun, 34 – were arrested a few days following David's death. They were eventually released by bail and recently attended hearings under the charge of manslaughter. 

Last week, the state's attorney notified them it had rejected their pleas and that their indictments would be served the following week.

According to the investigation, after David collapased, she was taken to the back of a truck by Bagio and Pashral, who attempted to treat her themselves. They later decided to evacuate her, but soon changed their minds and returned to the party.

The truck in which David was evacuatedCredit:

David was eventually taken to a nearby highway, unconscious and in serious condition, where an emergency services team started treating her.

A friend of Hayun said during the probe that "When I asked where Omri was they told me he was with the girl who was 'tripping.' I immediately ran to the truck to help. When I got here I noticed a girl all scraped up, in seizures, all wet and banged up. Omri sat above her, and another when sat beside her. When I asked what's going on, why they aren't calling an ambulance and why does she look like that, they said she was fine and will be well real soon. They said this state lasts only for three hours and that it'll be alright."

Investigators learned that David, who came to the party with a friend, had taken LSD before arriving. According to witnesses, she was given cocaine after collapsing on the dance floor. The autopsy report showed the cause of death may have been a heat stroke or poisoning, and the tox screen detected no toxic substances in her body other than traces of cocaine.

As the investigation progressed, it was the police's assessment that the delay in David's evacuation is what caused her death. "This delay stemmed from the fear of the organizers that an early evacuation would lead medical officials to report the party to the police, which would act to break it up and lead to financial losses for its organizers," the police statement said.

According to the police inquiry, the party took place without a permit, with the necessary security and medical measures were not taken.

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