Israel to Close Off East Jerusalem, West Bank on Yom Kippur

As in previous years, roadblocks will be erected between the capital's eastern and western parts; Palestinian vehicles will not be permitted to pass by Jewish neighborhoods.

Border Police officers patrol a street in Jerusalem following an earlier terror attack at the Old City's Damascus Gate on February 4, 2016.

Police is set to put most East Jerusalem neighborhoods on closure throughout Yom Kippur, which begins on Tuesday evening and ends a day later.

Roadblocks will be erected between the city's eastern and western sides, and Palestinian cars will not be permitted to pass near Jewish neighborhoods. Such roadblocks have been put in place on Yom Kippur in recent years.

Jerusalem Police, together with the municipality, "will set up roadblocks on the main roads to prevent the trickling and movement of vehicles from East Jerusalem neighborhoods toward the western part of the city," police said.

Transport between different Palestinian neighborhoods, as well as between these neighborhoods and the Old City and the Temple Mount will be possible, police said.

Hebron Road, where Jewish youths would regularly throw rocks at passing cars on Yom Kippur, will be closed to Palestinian vehicles.

Border Police officers are set to be stationed near the roadblocks to protect them and prevent confrontations in the buffer zone.

A closure will also be put on the West Bank during Yom Kippur, and border crossings into the Gaza Strip have been shut.