Israel to Charge Jewish Suspect Over Murder of Palestinian Woman

Israeli court extended remand of primary suspect in case, after four other suspects implicated in the deadly October stone-throwing released ■ Court 'elegantly ignores his solid alibi,' father claims

File photo: Undated photo of Palestinian Aisha Mohammed Rabi, murdered by stone-throwing in the West Bank in October 2018.

An Israeli court extended on Tuesday once more the remand of the main suspect over the October murder of a Palestinian woman in the West Bank, ahead of his likely indictment in upcoming days.

The investigation of the suspect, a Jewish minor only identified as Z., had ended and all material collected by the Israeli police were handed over to the state prosecution. Police told the Rishon Letzion Magistrate's Court "the prosecution intends to indict the suspect over the next few days."

Haaretz Weekly Ep. 12

The suspect was arrested along with four others, all students at Pri Ha'aretz yeshiva high school in the West Bank settlement of Rehelim, two weeks ago. All four others were ordered released by court on Thursday.

During the same discussion, the judge said suspicions against the remanded him are of the "highest order." The judge said that in his case, there was no appropriate alternative to his incarceration due to the nature of the allegations and concern over obstruction of justice.

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Right-wing Israelis demonstrate the arrest of Jewish minors by Shin Bet, Jerusalem, January 5, 2019.
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Earlier on Tuesday, the suspect's father claimed in an open letter that the investigation suggests "a harsh image of horrible, brutal violation of rights suffered by the teens."

He said: "Our son is charged with an incident of stone-throwing on a Saturday night, according to the victim's husband. At that time our son was undoubdtedly at a Shabbat dinner... along with dozens of his friends. But the system elegantly ingnores his solid alibi. The Shin Bet had even tried to hide from the judge the yeshiva head's testimony on that matter."

However, police said that all five suspects are still believed to be involved in the murder of 47-year-old Aisha Mohammed Rabi, considered by authorities an act of terrorism. However, a source told Haaretz that there is an "evidentiary difference" between the student who is still in detention and the other four. As far as is known, all five refused to speak under interrogation, meaning that the evidence against the detained suspect is not from his own account.

The suspects allegedly threw stones at the car Rabi and her husband, who were traveling near their settlement. Rabi, a mother of eight, was reportedly struck in the head with a rock and died shortly after. Her husband was lightly wounded.