Israel to Celebrate Equinox With First Rain and Possible Thunderstorms This Weekend

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Wolfson Park in Tel Aviv, two weeks ago
Wolfson Park in Tel Aviv, two weeks agoCredit: Hadas Parush

Upon the Earth's arrival at the autumnal equinox, as cold and moist air is making its way from the high layers of the atmosphere towards the Eastern Mediterranean, Israel expects rain for the first time this season. 

According to local forecasts, isolated rain is predicted to fall in areas from the northern Negev desert up to Israel's north on Friday. In the north thunderstorms and approximately 10 millimeters (0.3 inches) of rainfall are also expected.

Throughout Friday, it will be relatively cloudy with a drop in temperatures. At nighttime, it will become more cloudy.

The Dead Sea and the Judaean Desert are in slight risk of flash floods.

On Saturday and Sunday temperatures will rise again and a break from autumn will be experienced. It will be warmer than usual all throughout the country with a possibility of heatwaves with strong winds.