Israel's Population Reaches 9.2 Million as It Celebrates 72 Years

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Israeli flags at a storefront in Jerusalem, April 20, 2020.
Israeli flags at a storefront in Jerusalem, April 20, 2020.Credit: Ohad Zwigenberg

Israel’s population on the eve of its 72nd Independence Day now numbers 9.19 million, according to figures published Sunday by the Central Bureau of Statistics. The figure is made up of 6.806 million Jews (74 percent of the population) and 1.93 million Arabs (21 percent) and 454,000 people (5 percent) defined as “other.”

The Arab population, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, consists of Circassians, Christian Arabs (including Armenians) and Druze. It does not include the Palestinians in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip or East Jerusalem who are not citizens or residents of Israel. However, it does include Jews who live in the West Bank settlements. “Others,” according to the statistics bureau, include non-Arab Christians, members of other religions and people for whom no religion is listed, usually immigrants from the former Soviet Union who are not registered as Jews.

Israel saw a population increase since last Independence Day of 171,000, or 1.9 percent. During this time 180,000 babies were born, 32,000 people came to live in Israel and 44,000 people died.

The figures do not include citizens of other countries living in Israel, among them asylum seekers.

When Israel was founded, there were 806,000 people in the country. Since the state’s establishment 3.3 million immigrants have arrived. In 2030, Israel’s population is expected to reach 11.1 million, and in 2040, 13.2 million. On Israel’s 100th Independence Day in 2048, the population is predicted to reach 15.2 million.

Israel’s population is young. About 28 percent are children 14 and younger, and about 12 percent are 65 and older. By comparison, in other countries that are members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, on average approximately 18 percent of the population are children under the age of 15, and about 17 percent are adults over the age of 65. In Israel, there are nearly 950,000 children up to age 4, and some 50,000 people are age 90 or older.

The data also reveal that 45 percent of the Jewish population in the world lives in Israel, and about 78 percent of the Jews in Israel were born here.

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