Israel’s Population Near Nine Million on Eve of 70th Independence Anniversary

Data show that since last day's Independence Day, number of those living in Israel and in settlements grew ■ On 100th anniversary, population may cross 15 million

Israeli jets rehearse upcoming Independence day celebrations, April 4, 2018
\ Moti Milrod

The Israel Central Bureau of Statistics released population data ahead of Israel’s 70th Independence Day saying that 8,842,000 people live in Israel and in the settlements in the West Bank.

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According to the data, 6,589,000 (74.5%) are Jews, 1,849,000 (20.9%) are Arabs and 404,000 (4.6%) non-Arab Christians, a number that includes those of other religions or not belonging to any religious denomination. Additionally, there are 169,000 people in Israel who are neither citizens nor permanent residents.

The data released by the Central Bureau of Statistics ahead Israel’s 70th Independence anniversary
Moti Milrod

The data show that since last day's Independence Day, the number of those living in Israel and in Israeli settlements grew by 163,000. Over the last year, 177,000 kids were born and 41,000 people died. Meanwhile, some 28,000 new immigrants arrived to Israel, adding up to the figure of 3.2 million who arrived to since Israel was founded in 1948.

In line with the trend of the past decade, Israel's overall population continued to grow by around 1.9 percent over the last year. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, in the upcoming years, the population growth is likely to decline slightly.

Since Israel's establishment, the population has grown tenfold. In 1948 there were 806,000 people living in Israel, a figure which is up to 8,842,000 today. When Israel turns 100, in 2048, the population is expected to reach 15.2 million.