Israel Police to Indict Cop Who Beat Palestinian Truck Driver, Won't Suffice With Reprimand

Moshe Cohen has confessed to the slapping, head-butting, kneeing and kicking of Mazen Shweiki that has been filmed and posted online.

Police officer caught on video attacking Palestinian truck driver.

The police in the next few days will seek an indictment of the officer filmed last week assaulting a Palestinian truck driver in East Jerusalem.

The officer, Moshe Cohen, has since confessed and apologized for slapping, head-butting, kneeing and kicking Mazen Shweiki, but investigators say they will not suffice with an apology or disciplinary action.

Cohen, an officer in a special unit of the Jerusalem police, assaulted Shweiki in the Wadi al-Joz neighborhood. He was placed under house arrest and questioned for the incident that was captured on film and posted on the internet.

The Jerusalem police quickly released a statement saying they viewed such behavior as severe and unbecoming of a police officer.

In the video, Cohen also claims that Shweiki had run into his police car three days earlier and left the scene without leaving details.

In recent days, a number of witnesses have been questioned. After the incident, Shweiki told Haaretz that he has been unable to work.

Mazen Shweiki, a Palestinian truck driver beaten by an Israeli policeman, March 2017.

“It could be that I damaged his vehicle — it happens and I know there are cameras in the area. I didn’t run away I would have located him, or him me and I would have given him my details," Shweiki said after the incident.

"I'm a truck driver, not a criminal. There is nothing that justifies his behavior. I was just lucky that someone filmed the incident so that everyone can see what happened. I hope the police and the law enforcement agencies deal with him.”