Jerusalem Police Prohibit 'Inciting' Peace Now Sign Outside U.S. Embassy Opening

The movement initially had police approval to put up the sign, which has the Palestinian flag on it, but it was later retracted. Following a Haaretz inquiry, the sign was allowed to be displayed

The "Peace Now" sign initially banned by Israeli Police

Jerusalem Police prohibited the Peace Now movement from hanging a sign which features the Palestinian flag outside the new U.S. embassy compound during the opening of the new bureau, contrary to earlier concessions. Following a Haaretz inquiry, the police reneged on its refusal.

The sign, which says "Two Embassies in Jerusalem, and Israeli Interest!" has an Israeli and American flag on one side, and a Palestinian and American flag on the other, was deemed "inciting" by the Jerusalem precinct.

The "Peace Now" sign initially banned by Israeli Police

Earlier this week, Peace Now was given the precinct's approval to put up the sign. The movement has been leading a public campaign against the embassy move under the title: "Not like this – Not now."

On Friday, the movement asked the police to respect the agreement and allow the sign to be put up. At first the police replied it will not allow it, and later told the movement's attorney that the decision will be made Sunday morning after consultation with the precinct chief. After Haaretz contacted the Jerusalem precinct on the matter, it was decided to allow the sign to be put up.

In a statement, Peace Now dubbed the move "a gross and outrageous violation of a pre-agreement. It seems this is the only way the thought police of [Public Security] Minister Erdan operates. On the one hand, they're afraid of a small and 'inciting' sign 300 meters away from the ceremony, and on the other, allowed a day earlier for thousands of far-right activists to riot and scream racist slurs at Muslims in the old city during the Flag March."