'Mendelblit Is a Collaborator': Police Launch Probe Into Graffiti Targeting Israel's Attorney General

Incident comes a week after Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit, who is facing a crucial decision on whether to indict the prime minister, reported to police that his father's grave had been desecrated

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Graffiti reading 'Mendelblit is a collaborator' found in northern Israel.
Graffiti reading 'Mendelblit is a collaborator' found in northern Israel.Credit: Rami Shllush

The Israel Police launched an investigation Wednesday after it received a report over the weekend that a hateful graffiti targeting Israel's attorney general had appeared on a wall in northern Israel. 

The graffiti, which surfaced close to a main road near the northern city of Or Akiva, read "Mendelblit is a collaborator."

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Last week it was reported that Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit filed a complaint to the police after he learned that the grave of his father, situated in the Yarkon cemetery in Petah Tikva, had been desecrated

According to his complaint, the attorney general arrived at the tombstone to mark the anniversary of his mother's death and discovered that his father's grave had been vandalized. Police suspect that the grave was desecrated with a hammer or some other heavy tool. Mendelblit told police that he could not think of a reason someone would target his father's grave. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the incident as a "terrifying act," hours after a report in the Israeli daily Israel Hayom claimed that the premier told his associates he would launch a "merciless attack" on the attorney general should the latter publish an indictment against him during the election campaign. 

Netanyahu's bureau denied the report in Israel Hayom.