Israel Police Interrogates Man Over Critical Facebook Posts

In one of his post, Elad Moshe wrote he would eat any police officer entering his house without a warrant; police took him in for questioning

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A picture of Elad Moses, from his facebook profile.
A picture of Elad Moses, from his facebook profile.
Bar Peleg
Bar Peleg

Israel Police questioned a resident of Tel Aviv last week over Facebook posts in which he attacked the force.

Elad Moshe, who goes by Elad Moses in English, said he was taken from his home and was initially told he was suspected of incitement, but later, police made it clear that he was not being questioned as a potential criminal suspect.

Police also asked him whether he was a social activist and whether he attended demonstrations, he added.

One of the posts he was questioned about, he said, related to draft legislation that would let the cabinet issue emergency regulations to combat the coronavirus. The version that was initially made public would have let police officers enter people’s homes without a warrant, prompting Moshe to write, “If a policeman enters my home without a warrant, I’ll use him as food instead of kubbeh.”

During his interrogation, he said, police asked, “How could you permit yourself to write such things about the police?”

Police officers arrived at his home last Thursday and entered before showing him their badges, he said. They told him he was suspected of incitement and demanded that he come with them to be questioned. They also threatened to handcuff him and take him to the station by force if he refused to come with them.

“They told me, if you come along with us everything will be easier and you’ll get home sooner,” he said.

They also took his cellphone and refused to let him tell anyone he was going to the police station, claiming that it could obstruct the investigation, he added. And when he asked to consult a lawyer, they refused, saying he could do only right before his interrogation began.

Moshe has filed suit against the police in the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court.

A police spokesperson said that “when suspicions arise that a crime has been committed, the police open an investigation, which is what happened in this case.”

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