Israel Police Filmed Kicking Palestinian in the Head During Arrest on Temple Mount

Six worshipers were arrested on the grounds of shouting nationalist rhetoric at the police

Nir Hasson
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Nir Hasson

Israeli policemen were caught on camera kicking a Palestinian in the head while arresting him on Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The clip shows the officers pinning the man to the ground while trying to handcuff him. After he resisted, they kicked him in the body, while in the background, one of them is heard shouting “leave him alone.”

Six worshipers were arrested on the grounds of shouting nationalist rhetoric at the police.

The video showing Israeli police arresting and attacking the Palestinian

The event happened in the vicinity of the Golden Gate, one of the entry points to the Old City of Jerusalem, where tensions have been mounting between Palestinian worshippers and the police, after police officers were filmed entering the mosque without first removing their shoes.

The Palestinians claimed the police are also preventing them from bringing food into the Golden Gate compound.

“During the evening, a small number of worshippers in Temple Mount began shouting nationalist rhetoric at the police, forcing the police to disperse them and arrest six who were confronting them,” the police stated, adding that they will take action to prevent disruptions of public order or shouting nationalist rhetoric.

The Golden Gate compound had been shut down by order of the police but the Waqf unilaterally reopened it about a year ago, since then it has served as a mosque. Israel regards this as a violation of the status quo and from time to time the police arrest the Waqf guards opening the structure for worship.

Israel and Jordan have been negotiating over the issue for about a year, without result so far.