Israel Begins to Dismantle Homes in Evacuated Amona Outpost

Plans are published for construction of 17 prefab homes in adjacent settlement for Amona's evacuees.

Israeli officers evacuate an Israeli settler from the illegal outpost of Amona. Feb. 2, 2016.
Ilan Assayag

Israel has begun to dismante the illegal structures at the Amona outpost, after Defense Ministry personnel spent a few days taking out the belongings of evicted families, currently lodging in hotels.

Several trucks arrived at the West Bank site to move them some of the prefabs but many are too big to be dragged away and are to be demolished by Defense Ministry bulldozers.

The Civil Administration published plans to erect 17 prefab homes near the adjacent settlement of Ofra, which sources confirmed would be intended for Amona's evacuees.

This would be the fourth enclave at Ofra designated for Amona’s families. Twenty prefab homes have already been set up legally near the settlement’s cemetery, while at two other sites, prefab homes were set up without permits by the local council.

Amona was evacuated on Thursday after two days of clashes involving hundreds of protesters and security forces, including a lengthy standoff at the outpost's synagogue where many people barricaded themselves inside.

The High Court had ordered Amona evacuated in 2014, after finding it had been built on privately owned Palestinian land.