Israel Arrests Palestinian Blogger Critical of Palestinian Authority for Alleged Hamas Terror Activities

Lama Khater, 32, was arrested on Tuesday morning, with Hamas-affiliated websites accusing the PA of encouraging her arrest

Lama Khater's Twitter page, in which she is frequently critical of both Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
Screenshot from Twitter

A Palestinian blogger known for her strong criticism of the Palestinian Authority was arrested by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank on Tuesday, for alleged “involvement in Hamas terror activities.”

Lama Khater, a 32-year-old mother of five from Hebron, often praises Hamas for its resistance to Israel.

Her Twitter account has nearly 90,000 followers and her last tweet, on July 22, slammed Israel for its handling of the Temple Mount complex (known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary).

Other recent social media posts have seen her criticize the PA’s security forces and claim they had suppressed the recent border demonstrations in Gaza.

She has also praised Palestinian shahids (martyrs) and encouraged the struggle against Israel and the demonstrations along the Gaza border. Khater is married to Hazem al-Fakhouri, a former prisoner who was previously arrested by Palestinian security forces – allegedly with the aim of pressuring Khater to stop criticizing the PA.

Lama Khater saying goodbye to her young son before being taken away by Israeli soldiers in Hebron, July 24, 2018.

News of Khater’s arrest spread quickly on social media, particularly since there were pictures of her hugging her young son before being arrested.

There were calls on Palestinian and Arab media, and on social media, for her immediate release. Websites affiliated with Hamas accused the PA and its security apparatus of encouraging her arrest because of her ongoing criticism.