Israel Air Force Simulates Strikes on 3,000 Hezbollah Targets a Day in Widespread Drill

Yaniv Kubovich
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An Israel Air Force F-35 plane
An Israel Air Force F-35 planeCredit: Israel Air Force Spokesperson Unit
Yaniv Kubovich

The Israel Air Force has been carrying out a widespread military drill simulating war against Hezbollah, in which it's capability to hit 3,000 targets a day was tested.

The exercise included targeting rocket and missile storage sites, command centers throughout Lebanon and responding to launches of rockets and cruise missiles directed at Israel, and the air force assessed it could successfully hit 3,000 targets per day.

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It also examined the Israeli army's preparedness against the goals outlined in the operational plan for war against Hezbollah.

Following the initial investigation, the army believes it successfully achieved a rate of hitting 3,000 enemy targets a day.

During the drill, it was decided to simulate attacking Lebanese infrastructure that also serves Hezbollah, as part of the IDF's attempts in recent years to change the equation of deterrence with Hezbollah and not to differentiate between the organization and the state of Lebanon.

During the execise, the air force tried to direct their air defense efforts on areas that will be defined as a high priority to protect, national and defense infrastructure that if hit would influence the continuation of fighting.

The forces also practiced coping with cruise missiles. Senior air force officials claim that the air force is likely to face this threat.

For purposes of the drill, the air force called up reservists from all corps. The air force said that 85 percent of those called up arrived, a high percentage relative to the period in which citizens are coping with the consequences of the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

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