Undocumented Palestinian Worker Falls to His Death After Trying to Evade Police at Tel Aviv Building Site

The 20-year-old worker was from the Ramallah area, and tried to flee the building site after seeing two Border Police, but fell into a shaft dozens of meters deep

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The building site in Tel Aviv where a Palestinian worker without a permit fell to his death today
The building site in Tel Aviv where a Palestinian worker without a permit fell to his death today Credit: Moti Milrod

A Palestinian worker without a permit to work in Israel was killed after falling into a deep hole several dozen meters deep in Tel Aviv, while escaping from Border Police officers who were chasing him.

The initial investigation revealed that the worker, a 20-year-old from Shibtin near Ramallah, tried to run away when he realized that they were looking for workers without a permit.

The shaft that the worker fell down in Tel Aviv

The man was alarmed and fled the building site on Herzl street in south Tel Aviv, according to a police source, adding that while trying to escape, the man tried to jump over an open shaft and fell in. There was no contact between the police and the man, the source said.

Workers at the scene told Haaretz that the worker wasn't familiar with the building site, and tried to bypass a fenced off area, but fell. The officers tried to rescue him from the hole, but he was declared dead at the scene. The Labor Ministry instructed the site to be closed.

The welfare organization for workers Kav LaOved said it regrets the "unnecessary and brutal" death of the worker, adding that "construction sites are prone to risks and accidents."

"Officers are not allowed to chase the employee under these circumstances, especially since the worker didn't pose a threat. If only the state of Israel would invest efforts in enforcing and upholding rights for construction workers in order to avoid unnecessary, dangerous chases after vulnerable people trying to work."