Israel Demolishes, Seals East Jerusalem Homes of Two Palestinian Attackers

Bahaa Elayan killed three in a bus attack in Jerusalem's Armon Hanatziv while Alaa Abu Jamal killed one in car-ramming, stabbing attack in October; both were shot, killed at the scene.

Palestinian boys look into the house of Bahaa Elayan, after it was demolished by Israeli forces, in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabal Mukaber, January 4, 2016.

Israeli forces demolished the home of an East Jerusalem resident responsible for deadly bus and car-ramming attacks in the neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv on October 13, 2015, and sealed the home of another terrorist who took part in a separate attack that day.

Both Bahaa Elayanwho killed three on Jerusalem's bus route 78and Alaa Abu Jamal, who killed one, are from East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabal Mukaber. They were both shot and killed at the scenes of the attacks.

Elayan's house was demolished, and Jamal's home was sealed, with hundreds of police present to guard and preserve order. No disturbances were reported. 

Police Maj. Gen.Moshe Edri, the commander of Jerusalem District, said the police carried out their duties" responsibly and professionally and allowed the IDF to carry out the demolition and sealing orders without disruption." Edri said the police are prepared to act throughout the entire city and will continue work to ensure thesecurity of residents.   

The terror attack on the bus in Armon Hanatziv was carried out by Elayan and one other man from Jabal Mukaber

At about 10 A.M. the two boarded an articulated bus at the stop near the entrance to the neighborhood. Armed with a pistol and a knife, the two attacked passengers until the police arrived and subdued them.

Israeli soldiers stand guard as cement mixers pump concrete into the house of Alaa Abu Jamal, who was shot dead after reportedly running over and then stabbing a rabbi at a Jerusalem bus stop in October last year, in the east Jerusalem Palestinian neighbourhood of Jabal Mukaber on January 4, 2016.

Besides the three killed on the bus, 20 other Israelis were wounded in attacks from Jerusalem to Ra'anana in central Israel on that same day, making it one of the bloodiest during the recent spate of violence.

A month ago, thousands of police participated in the operation to demolish the home of a terrorist in the Shuafat refugee camp in northern Jerusalem.