Israeli Army Defuses Explosive Device on Gaza Border That Targeted Soldiers

The device, according to the military, was deliberately placed on the border fence during a violent demonstration that took place last month; no injuries reported in the incident

Israeli soldiers who were wounded when a device exploded near Israel's border with Gaza are evacuated to a nearby hospital, February 17, 2018.

Israeli military forces defused an explosive device that was placed on Israel's security fence along the border with Gaza, close to the southern part of the Strip, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit said Thursday morning.

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The device, which was placed there with the purpose of injuring Israeli soldiers, was planted at the scene during weekend demonstrations that took place in the area mid-February. A different device that was placed alongside it had actually exploded last month before it could be defused by the military, injuring four Israeli soldiers.

In that incident, the soldiers suffered from burns and shrapnel injuries and had to be evacuated to a nearby hospital to receive medical care.

Several days after that incident, the army announced that it was going to introduce harsher tactics to stop violent Palestinian demonstrations along the border fence.

In recent months about 15 Palestinians were killed in the course of riots on the border of the Gaza Strip, and over 400 others were wounded.