Hebron Troops Reinforced in Wake of Last Week's Shooting

Nine regiments are now stationed in Hebron and its environs, the highest number since the start of the current round of violence.

Mourners carry the body of Yaacov Don, 51, during his funeral in the Kfar Etzion cemetery on Friday. Don was killed in Thursday's terror attack.

The Israel Defense Forces reinforced its troops in the West Bank city of Hebron on Friday with two additional infantry battalions.

The forces in the city are now at their highest level since the current unrest broke out last month.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon and Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkott decided on the reinforcement after an assessment of the security situation in the Hebron area in the wake of Thursday's terror attacks in the West Bank and Tel Aviv in which five people were killed.

The also decided to increase the frequency of security checks conducted by the IDF on roads in the West Bank.

The units sent to the Hebron area on Friday night were two regiments from the Kfir infantry brigade. They bring the number of regiments operating in the area to nine.

Before Friday's security assessment, Ya'alon and Eisenkott visited the scene of Friday's terror attack at the Alon Shvut junction, in which three people were shot to death by a Palestinian attacker.

A Palestinian woman was detained for questioning in the Cave of the Patriarchs on Saturday after a knife was found in her handbag. The 27-year-old woman aroused the suspicion of Border Police stationed at the cave, who found the knife while searching her.

On Friday night, IDF soldiers and Shin Bet operatives raided the offices of a Palestinian radio station in Hebron. Equipment and documents from Al-Khalil radio were confiscated and its "broadcasts of incitement" shut down, according to the IDF.