Cars Defaced, Hebrew Graffiti Spray-painted in Suspected West Bank Hate Crime

Slogans in Hebrew including ‘revenge’ and ‘closed military zone’ were painted on walls in Kabalan near Nablus, in an apparent reference to the closure of the Kumi Ori Jewish outpost by Israeli security forces last month

The graffiti spray-painted on a wall in the West Bank Palestinian village of Kabalan near Nablus, November 7, 2019.

Hateful slogans in Hebrew were spray-painted in a West Bank village near Nablus, where at least one vehicle was vandalized, residents reported on Thursday.

The graffiti included the words “revenge,” “closed military zone,” and “regards from Bat Ayin.” Similar slogans were discovered last month in the same general area, in the Palestinian village of Yatma.

The graffiti in the village of Kabalan made apparent reference to the military closure imposed by Israeli security forces at the illegal Jewish outpost of Kumi Ori after soldiers were attacked by settlers there.

The graffiti spray-painted in the West Bank Palestinian village of Kabalan near Nablus, November 7, 2019.

This week masked attackers threw stones and Israeli police and police vehicles near the settlement of Bat Ayin, in the Gush Etzion region south of Jerusalem. On Wednesday, five settlers were arrested on suspicion of attacking police officers who put a stop to illegal construction at the unauthorized outpost of Maoz Esther in the northern West Bank.

According to a police source, the detainees threw stones at the police, clashed with them and pushed them.

Last month there were six cases of vandalism of Palestinian property in the West Bank, including graffiti and the vandalism of cars, according to the B’Tselem Israeli human rights organization in the West Bank, which also reported nearly 20 incidents involving attacks on Palestinians harvesting olives, arson at olive groves and the theft of olives.