WATCH | Ultra-Orthodox MK: Religious Parties Are Deliberately Perpetuating Poverty

In exclusive interview, U.S.-born Dov Lipman tells Haaretz how to bridge the rift between secular and ultra-Orthodox Israelis, and whether Reform Judaism should be part of Israeli law. Then, he gets personal.

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In this episode of The Candidates, Aimee Amiga is joined by Rabbi Dov Lipman (Yesh Atid), who in 2013 became the first U.S.-born politician to be voted into Israel's Knesset in three decades.

Lipman tells Haaretz how he believes the rift between secular and ultra-Orthodox communities in Israel can be bridged, what his party is doing to encourage ultra-Orthodox men and women to join the workforce, why he believes the parties representing these people are perpetuating poverty among their constituency, and whether he thinks Reform Judaism should be incorporated into Israeli religious law.

Then he gets personal, talking about his American values, and what elements of Israeli society still jar with him after all these years.

Watch the highlights here and the full interview below:

Full interview:

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