Graffiti Sprayed, Cars Vandalized in Suspected Hate Crime in West Bank

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Hateful slogan reading 'Revenge Bat Ayin,' scrawled in the West Bank Palestinian village of Jab'a, November 26, 2019.
Hateful slogan reading 'Revenge Bat Ayin,' scrawled in the West Bank Palestinian village of Jab'a, November 26, 2019. Credit: Courtesy of Jab'a Local Council

Vehicles were vandalized and hateful graffiti was spray-painted early Tuesday in a suspected hate crime in the West Bank village of Jab'a, near Bethlehem.

The perpetrators were caught on security cameras entering the eastern neighborhood of the village and spraying hateful writings in Hebrew as well as Star of David on vehicles and walls of kindergartens. They were also seen puncturing tires.  

Tire slashed in Jab'a, November 26, 2019.Credit: Courtesy of Jab'a Local Council

One of the writings read "Revenge Bat Ayin," most likely in reference to the settlers evacuated from a tent erected near the settlement on Monday.

According to Deputy local council head Thair Atos, this is not the first time a hate crime is carried out in the village. Several weeks ago, he said, settlers caused damage to olive groves while attacking one of the groves' owners, adding that a similar incident took place in the village a year ago.  

Dr. Muhib Abu Luha said his and his family members' vehicles were vandalized, adding that the village's 1,200 residents are subject to hate crimes carried out by settlers yearly.  

"The residents are concerned about what might happen in the future, since there is no deterrence. We live in Area C that is under Israel’s administrative authority, but we feel nobody cares or does anything to fend off these attacks. We don't know what else could happen," Abu Luha said.

Ten Palestinians were wounded Friday and Saturday in attacks by Jews in Hebron, residents say, as tens of thousands of Jews visited the city.

So far, no suspects have been arrested in any of the various incidents where Palestinian residents were attacked in the area controlled by Israel and secured by the Israeli army.

Israeli security sources confirm that Jews were involved in some of the attacks.

Over the weekend, Israeli Jews traveled to Hebron to mark "Chayei Sarah," the fifth weekly Torah portion of the annual cycle of Torah reading, which discusses the life of the patriarch Abraham's wife, Sarah, who is buried in Hebron, according to Jewish tradition.

Israeli sources said the last weekend was marked by an unusually high level of violence.

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