Gay Couple Wounded in Homophobic Attack in Israeli Resort Town of Eilat

Couple say a group of youths mocked them and then accosted them for their sexual orientation, but police say confrontation seems to have been mutually pursued.

Almog Ben Zikri
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Blood on Eilat street after same-sex couple attacked in resort town.
Blood on Eilat street after same-sex couple attacked in resort town. Credit: Courtesy
Almog Ben Zikri

A same-sex couple was attacked in Eilat on Thursday night, sustaining bruises in what they claim was a homophobic attack. Police detained six young people for questioning as suspects in case, but said the incident involved a confrontation in which the two sides were mutually involved.

In his account of the incident, one of the men, Idan Yosef Yamin, told Haaretz that while he and his partner, who asked not to be identified, were at the Beatles Bar in the Red Sea resort city, a group of young people began to mock them over their sexual orientation. Once the couple left the bar, Yosef-Yemin said the group threw bottles of alcohol at them, with one shattering on his partner’s head and back. The couple then sought refuge in the Club Hotel in the city.

In a post on Facebook, Yosef Yamin took issue with the way in which the police handled the matter, saying that, based on security camera footage in the bar, a policeman accused his partner of throwing something at the group.

The police said in response that the case in under investigation but that the confrontation appears, at least at its initial stages, to be have been pursued by both sides.

For his part, Yosef Yamin contended that his partner threw a small piece of gravel at them after they pestered the couple, but claimed that what set off the confrontation was that the couple responded to being mocked.