Four Jewish Teens Charged With Politically Motivated Assault of Two Arab Youths

An indictment filed in a juvenile court accuses the 17-year-olds of beating up two Arab youth, leaving one of them unconscious on a Netanya beach.

Lee Yaron
Lee Yaron
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Site of the assault, Sironit beach in Netanya.Credit: Moshe Gilad
Lee Yaron
Lee Yaron

Four Jewish 17-year-olds from Netanya assaulted two Arab youths on the beach over political motivations, says an indictment that central district prosecutors filed on Tuesday at the local juvenile court.

The suspects are charged with assault and causing substantial bodily harm under grievous circumstances, for racist motives.

According to the charge sheet filed by Attorney Suzanne Dasuki, the incident took place two weeks ago at Sironit beach in Netanya. The accused were at the site with a larger group of people and drinking alcoholic beverages. 

The complainants were headed toward an elevator connecting the beach to the street, when "without any provocation on the part of the complainants and in fact due to their being of Arab origin, one of the accused accosted them and said 'is it true that Mohammed was a bastard?'"

The assailants also threw stones and beer bottles at the Arab youths, cursed at them and punched them as well. The indictment says the victims tried to resist, but that the defendants pulled one of them out of the elevator and dragged him outside. 

Then both of the accused shouted 'terrorist' and beat one of the complainants in all parts of his body, kicked him in the head, stomped on him, choked him and called out to others to join him in beating up the youth.

They ultimately left that victim injured on the ground, then fled the scene. The victim tried to get up but collapsed and lost consciousness. He was later taken to hospital.