Four Israelis Dead in Car Accident on Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Road

Nine others injured when vehicle hit roadside barrier after driver lost control of it

Emergency responders are seen at the scene of a car accident on Route 443 near Modi'in, Israel, May 9, 2019.
Israel Fire and Rescue Services

Four Israelis were killed and nine other injured in a car accident on Route 443 near the city of Modi'in, north-east of Jerusalem.

A minibus carrying 13 people hit a roadside barrier near Shilat Junction as it was making its way to Jerusalem, emergency services said, driving through the major road linking the Tel Aviv metropolitan area to Jerusalem via the West Bank.

The 44-year-old driver, who was lightly injured, lost control of the vehicle for an unclear reason. Police said he was detained for questioning.

An eyewitness told Haaretz the vehicle flipped several times before crashing dozens of meters off the road.

Emergency responder Daniel Dubinki said "Two men were trapped in the car and two others were found outside the vehicle. All four of them were unconscious ... and were declared dead by paramedics at the scene."

A minibus that crashed on Route 443 near Modi'in, Israel, May 9, 2019.
David Bachar דודו בכר

All those injured are men in their 40s. One of them is said to be in moderate condition, while the remaining eight were only lightly injured.

Police closed the road and asked drivers to use alternative routes.