Five Israeli Jews Indicted for Assaulting Arab Janitor

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Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem.Credit: Deror Avi, via Wikipedia

Five Jewish Israelis, including four minors, were indicted Thursday for assaulting a janitor simply because he was Arab.

According to the indictment filed in the Jerusalem District Court, Netanel Goldenberg and the four minors spent a night out on the town in central Jerusalem about a week ago and then decided to go looking for an Arab to beat up.

At about 7 A.M., they came to Liberty Bell Park and yelled “Death to the Arabs.”

At the park, they found two workers employed by the municipality, a gardener and a janitor. Realizing that the latter was Arab, they cursed him and said, “You Arab son of a bitch, your Mohammed is a pig.” The Arab didn’t answer, so they continued cursing him.

Finally, the Arab asked, “What did I do to you? Why are you cursing?” One of the defendants responded, “Now I’ll show you, you son of a bitch ... Mohammed is dead!” At that point, all five began shoving, hitting and kicking him.

The assault lasted for several minutes, the indictment said. Even after the victim fell down, the defendants continued to kick him in the face, back and belly and beat him with their fists. The victim’s coworker tried to get the assailants to leave, but without success.

One of the defendants also stole the victim’s cell phone.

The five are charged with aggravated assault due to racist motivations and aggravated injury. The prosecution has asked that Goldenberg be held without bail until the end of the trial.