Facebook Shuts Anonymous Right-wing Page Critical of Israel

Twitter roiling over after Facebook removes popular 'Adam Gold' page for reported fake account

FILE PHOTO: Protesters demonstrate against Facebook outside Portcullis House in Westminster, London, April 26, 2018.
Peter Nicholls/Reuters

The Twittersphere has been roiling over the past 24 hours with criticism of Facebook for removing the popular “Adam Gold” page where an anonymous, eloquent and knowledgeable person posted on daily events. Many people, including news media professionals, tweeted in protest against Facebook, accusing the social media giant of imposing censorship and harming free speech

The page had been launched in 2016 and its popularity soared. The texts were right-wing and harshly critical of Israel’s government. The page had been taken down previously and restored. The account was removed again in March, saying its anonymity was in breach of Facebook rules and the user profile was fake. 

The anonymous user found a solution and the page went live again, under the name of Sharon Horesh, a resident of the United States. But about a week ago the page was taken down yet again. The response, especially from Twitter users, was a pressure campaign aimed at trying to persuade Facebook to restore the account. Facebook informed Horesh it saw the content as making use of a fake profile, against the rules. “To ensure Facebook security, we demand that people use their authentic identity when they create a profile. We do not allow the use of an arbitrary or false identity or nicknames and we remove accounts that use information that is not authentic when we become aware of this. In this way we ensure that all users know who the people are that they are in contact with," Facebook said.