Despite Lack of Remorse for Rape, Ex-president Katzav Up for Early Release

Panel to convene in March to consider whether to cut sentence of former president of Israel by one-third, although he has yet to express regret after four years in prison.

Moshe Katzav accompanied by his wife, Gila, leaving Maasiyahu Prison for his Passover furlough, April 2015.
Nir Keidar

The imprisoned former president of Israel, Moshe Katzav, will face an early release board in March, which will consider cutting his sentence by one-third although he has yet to express regret for his crimes.

Katzav was convicted of rape and has been serving his seven-year sentence in Maasiyahu Prison since December 2011.

Katzav's parole board meeting is March 27. Sentence reductions are usually done only in instances when the convict admits his deeds and partakes in a rehabilitation program, but Katzav has yet to do so.

The Supreme Court in May 2014 rejected Katzav's petition to hold a retrial. Judge Neal Hendel rejected Katzav's claim that he suffered an injustice and thereby deserved a retrial. Hendel remarked that Katzav was repeating claims that had been heard and rejected in his appeal.

Should the parole board decide to recommend Katzav, he is expected to be released immediately.