Former Deputy Police Chief Asks Court to Void His Sexual Harassment Conviction

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Deputy Police Commissioner Nissim Mor (L) and former police commissioner Yohanan Danino.
Deputy Police Commissioner Nissim Mor (L) and former police commissioner Yohanan Danino.Credit: Olivier Fitoussi

A former deputy police commissioner asked a court on Sunday to vacate his conviction for sexual harassment and breach of trust.

The Be’er Sheva Magistrate’s Court convicted Nissim Mor of the charges under a plea bargain in September. As part of the deal, Mor confessed to the charges and was evaluated by a social worker, who did not recommend making the conviction void. Nevertheless, the deal permitted him to ask the court to do so during the sentencing hearing.

If the court declines this request, Mor asked it to sentence him to community service.

The prosecution opposes vacating his conviction, but supports sentencing him to six months of community service.

“I’ve taken full responsibility for my behavior and my actions,” Mor told the court Sunday. “I sat down and opened my heart, without examining whether this met the threshold of criminal behavior or not, and I don’t regret that I did so, even though there are some who told me I was being a sucker.”

“I want to apologize to the girls, their families, the policemen, the volunteers, the bereaved families and everyone I’ve disappointed,” he added.

Several character witnesses appeared on Mor’s behalf at the sentencing hearing, including former Police Commissioner Shlomo Aharonishki and a woman who formerly served as an officer in the police’s investigations and intelligence department. Aharonishki said he considered Mor’s behavior “very grave,” but it must be “juxtaposed against the positive things.”

The indictment, filed in July 2016, charged Mor with three counts of harassing, sending sexual text messages to and/or forcing sexual contact on policewomen who were his subordinates.

In the most serious incident, Mor asked a policewoman who sought his professional help to meet with him alone on several occasions, in a hotel and at her home. In November 2014, while they were both attending a police event, he texted her to ask her to meet him at a nearby gas station. The policewoman, understanding that he was likely to use the proposed encounter for sexual purposes, tried to dissuade him, but ultimately agreed to meet him, the indictment said.

Once there, Mor made sexual comments to her, kissed her on the lips and forced his tongue into her mouth, according to the indictment. The policewoman shied away, saying she found his behavior unpleasant, but he ignored her.

Afterward, he continued sending her sexually suggestive texts. He also continued to hint – falsely – that he could help her with her professional problem, “thereby causing her to remain dependent on him, when his intention was to exploit this dependency to promote a sexual relationship,” the indictment said.

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