Everything in Jerusalem Named After the Netanyahus

Get to know the Netanyahus from around the block

In the wake of Jerusalem municipality's naming commitee decision to name a square after Shmuel Ben Artzi, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's father-in-law, here are other members of the Netanyahu family with public sites named after them. 

Netanyahu's father Benzion Netanyahu was honored when an intersection in Jerusalem was named for him some years ago. In contrast to the norm, the Jerusalem municipality agreed to use the father's truncated Benzion rather than his full name Ben Zion.

Jerusalem sites named after Netanyahu's family

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At the time, Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat expedited the process of choosing names, though Barkat recently ordered a freeze on the Ben Artzi decision.

Netanyahu's brother, Yoni, has a street and a square named after him in Jerusalem, and Netanyahu's grandfather, Nathan Milikowsky, has a Jerusalem square named after him as well.