Egyptian Jets Attacking ISIS in Sinai Penetrated Israeli Air Space

Israeli defense officials consider incursions near northern Sinai border ‘minor,’ and say Egyptian regime is resolute in fighting Islamist State offshoot.

An archive photo from February 2015 showing an Egyptian air force fighter jet landing at an undisclosed location in Egypt following airstrikes against ISIS in Libya.

Egyptian Air Force jets have entered Israeli air space for brief amounts of time during intensive sorties against ISIS near the northern Sinai border in recent months. The incursions were first reported by the Israeli news site Ynet.

Israeli defense officials say the Egyptian regime is resolute in fighting the ISIS offshoot in Sinai and has reinforced its regular troops along the border with advanced weapons. According to a defense official, the incursions into Israeli air space that occur during these operations is “minor.” The Egyptian Air Force operates F-16 fighter jets in Sinai, as well as Apache helicopters that have launched attacks near the border.

Israel has offered assistance to Egyptian troops after ISIS terror attacks in Sinai. After a Russian passenger jet was downed in Sinai six weeks ago, the Israel Air Force helped to search for the missing plane. Likewise, the Israel Navy offered assistance after an anti-tank missile was fired at an Egyptian vessel, but the Egyptians replied that there was no need.