Drone From Gaza Carrying Explosive Infiltrated Israeli Territory, Army Says

The Israeli military assesses that the aircraft, which landed in Israel several days ago, was supposed to target soldiers but failed to reach its destination

A Palestinian protester throwing stones toward Israeli forces during a protest at the Gaza border, east of Gaza City.

A drone carrying an explosive flew in from the northern Gaza Strip, infiltrated Israeli territory several days ago and landed in the Sha'har Hanegev Regional Council, the Israeli military revealed Sunday night.

After the army checked the drone, it found an explosive attached to it.

The military is currently examining why the drone was flown into Israel and whether it was supposed to target soldiers stationed nearby. The Israel Defense Forces believe that the drone may have fallen for an unknown reason prior to reaching its destination, where it was supposed to land and explode.

Another option the military is looking into is that whoever operated the drone from within the Gaza Strip failed to land it and set it off according to plan.

The announcement regarding what appears to be a failed attack comes amid ongoing tensions along the southern border.

Earlier Sunday, the Israeli military said that it struck a Hamas target near Khan Yunis in southern Gaza Strip with tank fire in the morning hours.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, three Gazans were killed in the attack.

A correspondent for Lebanon-based Al Mayadeen TV said an explosion was heard in the area prior to the Israeli strike.

The Al-Quds Brigades, the military arm of the Islamic Jihad organization announced two of its combatants were killed in the attack. "We will not relent our duty towards the blood of those killed and know how we'll react to this grievous escalation," their statement said.

The IDF  confirmed the attack in a statement, saying it was in response to an explosive charge being placed near the fence, which exploded while being dismantled. The Israeli army reported no casualties.